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The TRI-AD BenefitCardTM

Service Features

Experience the Sound of Silence

Reimbursement accounts should be invisible to you.
A well-run plan should "fly under the radar," needing very little of your attention.

Experience what a 98% participant satisfaction rate feels like.
Our high accuracy rate and excellent customer service mean delighted participants. What this sounds like in your office is silence.

Join the 96% of our clients who are satisfied.
We start with a well-managed implementation and stay on track from there.

Experience True Flexibility
You won't hear us say "We can't do that." You are the client and we are here to serve you. We provide many options for data exchange, banking, reimbursement methods, communications, and a wide variety of other aspects that lead to a successful plan experience for your participants.

We also focus a tremendous amount of our energy on the client's experience. We provide easy-to-use online tools, secure data exchange, and a highly trained client service team to keep your plan running smoothly.
Increase Employee Satisfaction
A well-run FSA strengthens your benefits lineup, gives you a competitive edge, and increases employee satisfaction.
  • The TRI-AD BenefitCardTM enhances your FSA with a quick, convenient access to account balances and auto-adjudication.
  • Our broad array of communication and education services that help participants understand and better utilize their benefit.
  • Satisfied participants encourage their colleagues to enroll, increasing participation and generating additional tax savings for the employer.
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