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Build Wealth: The Financial Legacy Benefit Plan

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Learn more about the Financial Legacy Benefit Plan
The Financial Legacy Benefit Plan (also known as a Deferred Per Capita Savings Plan) is a means for Tribe members to defer a portion of today’s per capita distribution to future years. Deferred Income Plans are a strategy that corporate executives regularly use to accumulate capital. These Plans are legal, and Tribes work closely with attorneys, the IRS and TRI-AD to ensure that the Financial Legacy Benefit Plan meets regulatory requirements. Taking advantage of this opportunity can create tremendous financial advantages for Tribe members and their families now, and for future generations.

To participate, Tribe members ask the Tribe to take a percentage of their current distributions and invest them on their behalf for release at a designated time in the future. Since Tribe members defer receipt of the funds, it is not considered current income. Tribe members pay less in taxes today, their money grows tax-deferred, and they “pay themselves first” before they receive the per-capita payment.
Education & Enrollment Brochure
As part of an enrollment campaign to introduce Tribe members to the plan, TRI-AD’s award-winning Communications team can create a customized education brochure unique to each Tribe, featuring images and themes that resonate with Tribe members. The brochure explains the plan, from enrolling and deferring, to investments and distributions, and everything in between. Click here to view some pages from a sample brochure.
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