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There is a new victim of identity fraud every 2 seconds. Are your employees protected?
Millions of Americans are hit with the devastation of identity theft each year. Employees experience stress and frustration, taking between 58 – 156 "at work" hours to restore their identity. Employers suffer when sick leave and flex time go up, and productivity goes down.

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Identity and Credit Monitoring
Employees get peace of mind with InfoArmor proactively and continuously monitoring for the most damaging types of of identity fraud. Issues are uncovered and resolved early, which minimizes damages. Credit is also monitored through TransUnion.
Credit Scores and Reports
Employees gain access to a monthly credit score and an annual credit report from TransUnion. This way, they can stay informed and protect their financial assets by detecting credit misuse quickly.
Password Protection
Passwords are stored in a secure vault that automatically saves and syncs passwords across desktop and mobile devices. This tool makes using complex passwords simple and safe.
Threshold Monitoring
Real-time financial transaction monitoring: InfoArmor will alert on transactions that participants designate specific minimum and maximum dollar amounts for their designated checking, savings and credit card accounts.
Social Media Reputation Monitoring
InfoArmor monitors Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles to give employees actionable alerts that defend them and their families from reputational damage or cyberbullying.
Wallet Protection
InfoArmor can easily replace the contents of a lost or stolen wallet through an online, secure vault that conveniently stores important documents.
Digital Identity Report
Employees can easily see what information is exposed online through a deep internet search so they can take control of thier privacy.
Privacy Advocate Remediation and $1M Insurance Policy
InfoArmor provides employees with an expert on their side to guide them through the identity restoration process and fight back against identity thieves. InfoArmor will reimburse victims of fraud their out-of-pocket costs, reinforcing financial security.
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