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Flexible Plan Designs
We handle anything from automatic enrollment with automatic escalation, to the most complex, unique plan requirements. We can do it all!
Flexible Investment Choices
TRI-AD's "open architecture" investment approach and robust technology give you virtually unlimited investment choices. You aren't charged "extra" for using any particular investment, and you will never have to change providers because an investment no longer meets your needs.
Flexible Communications
Every organization is different. Our award-winning communications department can meet your specific needs.
Flexible Service
Tailor your service model to your organization's demands so that you pay only for what you use. Our business is built on a foundation of service excellence delivered by knowledgeable, long-tenured, caring employees.
Guaranteed Full Fee Disclosure
As a matter of trust, we have always practiced total fee disclosure. We help you:
  • Understand your plan's fee structure
  • Ensure you receive value for each of your plan's components (asset management, compliance and recordkeeping)
  • Manage your plan's expenses so that participants' returns are maximized and you clearly meet your fiduciary obligations
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