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Save Time by Paying Premiums Through TRI-AD
If you're on a Leave of Absence for maternity/paternity, disability or another reason and you must pay all or a portion of your benefit premiums, TRI-AD collects those premiums on your employer's behalf. Refer to the box at the right of the page to access your Leave of Absence account. You will need to register with us the first time you access your account.

The different types of leaves that are most commonly available for an employee to take are:

Medical Leave
This may be a paid or unpaid leave, depending on the reason for the leave. In most cases, while on your leave, you will retain health care benefits from your employer, but other benefits such as life insurance may require that you pay a premium.
Parental Care Leave
Both Maternity and Paternity leaves are common reasons for a leave of absence. Log into your account or talk to your employer for details and more information about your company's plan.
Uniformed Service Leave of Absence
Employees may need to take time off from work for military service. Employers have different leave of absence rules for active service men and women, ranging from paid leaves with benefits to unpaid leave with partial benefits.
Personal Leave of Absence
If you take a personal leave, it will most likely not be a paid leave. You must contact your employer before doing so.
Note: Leave of Absence Plans vary by employer. The information on this page is general in nature and may not reflect actual terms of your plan. Log into your account to view information specific to your plan.