Health Care FSA Participant Toolkit
When Can You Enroll
Once you have Estimated Your Expenses, you are ready to enroll. You can enroll at the following times:

- During your company's annual open enrollment

- Within 31 days of the date you first become eligible to participate

- Within 31 days of the date a "qualified status change" (e.g., birth, divorce) occurs, or as permitted by your company's plan.

Your annual election will be divided by the number of pay periods in the plan year. For example, if you have 26 pay periods per year and you elect $1,800, your per-pay-period deduction would be $70.

Employers have different methods for accepting enrollments. Some use automated enrollment systems and others use enrollment forms. Please follow your employer's instructions for successfully enrolling in the plan.
Changing Your Election
Once you enroll, your election will remain in effect for the entire plan year. Your company's plan may allow you to change your elections if you have a status change such as marriage, birth or divorce. Election changes made because of a qualifying event must be consistent with the status change. For example, if you have a baby, you may increase your Health Care FSA election, but you may not decrease it.
Health Care FSA
Limit for 2019: $2,700*
*May not apply in all plans. Check your Summary Plan Description for information specific to your plan.