Dependent Care FSA Toolkit
When Can You Enroll
Once you have Estimated Your Expenses, you are ready to enroll. You can enroll at the following times:

- During your company's annual open enrollment

- Within 31 days of the date you first become eligible to participate

- Within 31 days of the date a "qualified status change" (e.g., birth, divorce) occurs, or as permitted by your company's plan.
Changing Your Election
Once you enroll, your election will remain in effect for the entire plan year. Your company's plan may allow you to change your elections if you have a status change such as marriage, birth or divorce. Election changes made because of a qualifying event must be consistent with the status change. For example, if you have a baby, you may increase your Dependent Care FSA election, but you may not decrease it.

Your annual election will be divided by the number of pay periods in the plan year. For example, if you have 26 pay periods per year and you elect $1,800, your per-pay-period deduction would be $70.

Employers have different methods for accepting enrollments. Some use automated enrollment systems and others use enrollment forms. Please follow your employer's instructions for successfully enrolling in the plan.
Limits for 2019
Maximum Contribution: $5,000 Maximum Contribution if Married Filing Separately: $2,500 Click for More Details


When is an expense incurred?
An expense is incurred on the date that you receive the service or treatment, not the date you are billed or when payment is made.
How do I get reimbursed?
You must submit a claim form and attach your receipts. The receipts must provide the description, date and cost of the service as well as whom the service was for and the service provider. Details about what information you need to provide can be found on the claim form.
How much time do I have to spend this year's FSA Funds?
Some employers allow a "grace period" of up to two-and-a-half months into the next plan year during which you can claim FSA expenses against your current year's account balance. You must be participating at the end of the plan year for the grace period to apply. Click here for details on the grace period.
How do I know how much money I have?
You have access to your account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week! You can access your personal account information by logging on to the TRI-AD FSA participant Web site or call the Voice Response Unit (VRU) at 1-888-844-1372. You will need your social security and PIN number to access your account. In addition, each reimbursement you receive contains your account year-to-date information.