Commuter Participant Toolkit
Available Products
Monthly Direct Pay: This convenient solution allows you to enter your parking provider data and other information about your existing monthly parking arrangement, and we will pay your parking expenses directly each month.
If you cannot locate your parking provider, you can request a new provider and we will contact them to set them up as a payee status in our system.
Commuter Check for Parking Vouchers: These vouchers come in flexible denominations and are made payable directly to parking providers. They may only be used to pay for parking expenses.
You can purchase one or more types of parking, and you can order as many vouchers as needed for multiple parking providers. They are valid for 15 months. Make sure that your parking provider accepts Commuter Checks for Parking before placing your order. There is no cash back for Commuter Checks for Parking, so order the exact amount that you will need.
Debit Card for Parking: Using the prepaid debit card solution offers the functionality of a voucher with the convenience of a reloadable, personalized, debit card for use at parking facilities nationwide.
No receipts are necessary with this solution. You will receive one card which will be funded with the amount you specify each month.
Parking Cash Reimbursement: You can elect a monthly amount to be set aside from your paycheck into a pretax spending account.

IRS Limits for 2019
Transit: $265/month
Parking: $265/month


How do I sign up for the transit or parking benefit?
If your employer offers a commuter benefit plan handled by TRI-AD, and you are a benefit-eligible employee, all you need to do to get started is log into your account (a one-time registration is required) and place your order.
How often do I need to order?
The program is monthly program; login and place an order to be fulfilled on a monthly basis. Orders must be entered by the 10th day of the month for the following benefit period. For example, to receive an order for use in January, you must place your order before December 10th. Changes must be made online before the cut-off date of the 10th of the month for the following benefit month.
What commuting expenses are not eligible?
The following expenses are not eligible under the Commuter Benefit: mileage, tolls, fuel, business travel expenses, auto maintenance and anything that can be reimbursed from another source.
Is there a way to order several months' worth of checks or vouchers?
Use the convenient recurring settings option to request your order be sent to you each month. Don't worry; we'll e-mail you a reminder, so remember to give us a valid e-mail address when you register.
What is the maximum amount I can be reimbursed?
Each year the IRS establishes limits for what pretax amounts can be set aside for commuter benefits. Please refer to the limits listed above the FAQ for the current IRS limits.
What if I change my mind after I order?
No retroactive changes may be made. Amounts due will be deducted from your paycheck in the month prior to service.
Can I get cash back if my commuting costs are less than my checks or vouchers?
You cannot receive cash back for the difference when redeeming Commuter Checks or other vouchers. Commuter Checks are good for 15 months and will not be refunded, replaced or exchanged when lost, stolen, damaged or expired. Treat them like cash.
Can I use money from one account to pay for a different type of commuting expense?
You cannot use money put aside for parking to pay for transit vouchers, and vice versa.
What if my order is lost in the mail?
TRI-AD will only refund one transit pass per year in the event your transit pass is not received in the mail. To apply for a refund, you must complete a claim form and submit a receipt for a transit pass or fare media product of equal or greater value than your order in the same benefit month. Please note that not all transit passes can be replaced due to policies of the certain transit authorities. If you find that you have problems with delivery of your products by USPS, we recommend you use the debit card for either transit or parking. This card is personalized and needs only to be delivered once; we'll load your card electronically each month with the amount you specify. Also, check your mailing address! From time to time, we get products returned in the mail for a better address. Log into your account and confirm your address is correct.