COBRA Participant Toolkit

Who Is Eligible to Continue Coverage?

Who is a "qualified beneficiary?"
A "Qualified Beneficiary" ("QB" for short) refers to anyone eligible to continue benefits under COBRA. Generally this is you and any family member(s) who were covered on the day you lost health benefits coverage provided on the employer's group plan. Your spouse and/or children could be QB's.

Domestic partners, same-sex spouses, and their children are often not eligible to continue their benefits because federal COBRA law does not require it. If you covered your domestic partner, same-sex spouse, and/or his/her children on your active employee benefits, check your personalized COBRA information contained in this packet to see if they are being extended COBRA continuation privileges.
Do my covered family members have COBRA rights?
Each QB has a separate right to elect continuation coverage. For example, your spouse may elect coverage even if you do not, or you could elect to cover only one, several, or all QB dependent children. A parent may elect to continue coverage on behalf of any such dependent children. The employee or the employee's spouse can elect continuation coverage on behalf of any or all of the QB's. Each QB who elects continuation coverage will have the same rights as other plan participants, including open enrollment and special enrollment rights.
COBRA Coverage Periods
What Are the Coverage Periods?