COBRA Participant Toolkit

Choices and Alternatives

Notice of Continuation of Coverage
When you have a qualifying event (and you have notified your employer of the event, if necessary), you (or your Qualified Beneficiary/dependent, if applicable) will receive a Notice of Continuation of Coverage rights. This notice will contain information on the benefits you may continue, how long you may continue them for, and how much it will cost for you to do so. Click to see a sample of this notice.
Don't Ignore Your Insurance Status!
The worst step you can take at this time is to do nothing. Going without insurance is extremely risky financially. It's no secret that health care services can be very expensive. If you are uninsured and need care, your house, car, and entire financial future might be at risk.

There are many reasons you might decide to explore alternatives to COBRA, not the least of which is cost. You have alternatives. One option is to visit In partnership with TRI-AD, GetInsured allows you to compare health and dental plans from major insurers and from the Marketplaces (public exchanges available through